Stretching nearly 300 miles across the state of Missouri, Interstate 44 bears the true mark of technological advancement, with companies, universities, and military bases collaborating for the good of the region and the world.

From the southwestern town of Joplin to St. Louis, I-44 was built with the idea of betterment. It brought us the world’s first satellite transmission, the first mobile phone call in 1946, the first algal bio fuels grown in caves, and the corridor has been leading the future in medical advancements with technologies such as nanotechnology and silicon beads. Companies along I-44 are shaping our future.

As we continue to compete for the world’s business, it is critical to promote fast forward thinking and engage those in a position to help us grow and advance in today’s economy. Like California’s Silicon Valley and North Carolina’s Research Triangle, the TECH 44 area will further the message of the state of Missouri’s advancements in science and technology to a larger audience and to the world.


Ground Breaking at the new Brewer Science Building

With an ever growing list of support and members, TECH 44 will lend added credibility to others within the region, helping them to also expand their current markets. Successful branding of the corridor is a catalyst to bring others to the area. TECH 44 will provide strong brand recognition within industries and ever growing well educated work force. The TECH 44 collaboration is building an environment where strong business, partnership, community, technology and work together to expand and grow local, regional, state and world economies.